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Science shows global warming a cyclic event

Mr. Westgard laments the lack of "hoaxers" here recently. We haven't felt much need to reinforce the hoax claim since the Dr. Philip Jones UK fiasco a couple of months ago. We thought the facts spoke for themselves and there was no need to whip a dead horse. Apparently, there are still a few apostles that want to worship at the altar of this false god.

Global warming is based on an incorrect theory (it is mostly caused by human activity), a hypothesis that cannot be proven (if the U.S. would just go back to the Stone Age, it would fix the problem), and a pool of data that doesn't prove anything.

Climatologists, paleontologists, geologists and other "ologists" tell us that Earth has gone through many warmings and coolings. Global cooling may explain the demise of the dinosaurs and must have been responsible for the several glaciers that slid down over this area. The last one was somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 years ago and went as far south as the Iowa-Missouri border. Except for global warming, we in Bemidji (and Deerwood) would be living atop a glacier approximately 1 to 2 miles thick. Tropical weather in North Dakota and Alaska would be necessary to produce the coal and oil fields that are there.

Real science depends upon having a "control" to compare data, a similar situation where the variable doesn't change. Currently we know of no other planet that is distinctly Earthlike, but uninhabited by humans. Therefore there is no control to support the hypothesis even if they had a huge data pool. Mr. Westgard is correct that weather records have been kept since the 1880s. We have 130 records of temperatures in March representing time periods as long as 100,000 years. For the other 99,870 years can only make guesses from fossilized tree rings, snail shells or fish scales. Even carbon 14 dating is limited to about 50,000 years. Years before that are very much guess work. The data pool being used represents less than 0.325 percent of March temperatures going back 40,000 years and it is stacked at the extreme end of the data stream. This is not a reasonable base upon which to extrapolate assumptions about anything.

I can't chalk one up for science because this is not science. It is B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

Earl McNea