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Science Center can develop innovators

During a sleepless stretch one night last week I picked up the October edition of the Mayo Clinic Health Newsletter, thinking surely a report on “translational research” would put me right back to sleep.

No such luck. In a nutshell, translational research is the process of translating basic scientific discoveries into meaningful patient care.

Most people are not interested in knowing the nuts and bolts of DNA analysis, biomarkers, or an enzyme called CYP2D6.

 I didn’t know I had an epigenome. But we are all interested in finding better treatments for diabetes or a cure for cancer.

While I was reading, all I could think about was how glad I am that there are a few people out there who understand these things and are interested enough to continue doing research and working day to day cataloging cells, creating charts and graphs, and finding meaningful ways to change laboratory discoveries into something useful to all of us.

I think these kinds of interests must be developed and nurtured at an early age, and when I begin wandering down such trains of thought, my mind often ends up dwelling on our own Headwaters Science Center and how budding young scientists can be born there.

Teen-age scientists are also developed and refined there, and advanced students can become skilled in research techniques.

Our society is more and more dependent on advancements in science and technology. Please support the Headwaters Science Center in its mission to raise future innovators. Perhaps someday that one person who discovers the cure for cancer will hail from right here in Bemidji.