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Week of April 10-13

TUESDAY, April 10 - Cheeseburger, fries, broccoli slaw, pineapple, bread slice, milk variety.

WEDNESDAY, April 11 - Mac and cheese, mini corndogs, green beans, peaches, bread slice, milk variety.

THURSDAY, April 12 - Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, rosy applesauce, fruit snacks, bread slice, milk variety.

FRIDAY, April 13 - Taco in a bag with Doritos, lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream, corn, pears, bread slice, milk variety.

Scholarships available

These scholarships available in the high school office:

Northwest Minnesota Women's Fund Scholarship: Senior students who plan on attending a public high education institution in the region. Deadline: May 1.

Betty Parker Scholarship for the Performing Arts: Seniors who have been a theatrical performer while at Blackduck High School and shown a capacity of leadership. Deadline: May 4.

The Lutheran Community Foundation and The Evelyn W. Berg Fund Scholarship: Seniors planning on attending a Minnesota institution of higher education and a GPA of 3.5 or above. Deadline: April 20.

Blackduck Community Fund Scholarship: Seniors from Blackduck High School attending a four-year college or university and demonstrating high academic achievement and involvement and positive leadership qualities. Deadline: April 13.

AMVETS Scholarship: Senior students who plan on attending a technical college or university. Deadline: May 4.

Important dates

April 11: National Honor Society Blood Drive

April 17-18: MCA II Reading and Math test (seventh-11th grades).

Community Ed

Wednesday Night Volleyball will be held from 7-9 p.m. in the high school gym. This is for anyone age 16 and up and the fee is $3 per night.

Call Blackduck Community Ed for complete details at 835-5241.

Scholarships available

Scholarships available in the high school office:

Debbie & Janet Foundation Scholarship: Seniors graduating from Blackduck High School. Deadline is May 4.

James J. Wychor Scholarship: Seniors who desire to seek an eventual career in electronic media or broadcasting. Deadline is June 30.

Mike Staples Memorial Scholarship: Seniors pursuing post-secondary education in natural resource areas or criminal justice area, or other related careers. Deadline is April 13.

Honor Roll

The following students have been named to the third quarter honor roll:

A Honor Roll: Grade 12 - Cody Bergquist, Kaye Bodien, Allesha Dobmeier, Galen Martin, Aaron Nissen, Rebeccalyn Richardson and Alexandra Ziegler.

Grade 11 - Dominic Anderson, James Bruno, Shane Fenske, Morgan Jung, Tatum Mistic, Katie O'Rourke and Cassidy Rockis.

Grade 10 - Colton Bales, Jodi Grundmeier, Stephen Jones, Jacob Krabbenhoft, Maria Maksakova, Caleb Mostad, Maile Olson, Michael O'Reilly , Matthew Patch, Kristie Slindee, Michael Tate, Alexandra Tindell and Trey Volk.

Grade 9 - Benjamin Anderson, LeAnn Brambrink, Michaela Holmgren, Cooper Jedlicka, Hannah Korpela, Brittany Martin, Andrew Nissen and Aaron Ware.

Grade 8 - Hunter Cocking, Tanner Depew, Breanna Enger, Julianna Fernandez, Andrew Grundmeier, Carla Grundmeier, Isaac Gustafson, Tobey Haluptzok, Ceana Olson, Tucker Rockis, Charli Schocker, Timothy Schocker, Kyle Solberg, Emma Stelten and Ian Willborg.

Grade 7 - Ian Cease, Ellissa Cleveland, Kourtney Dobmeier, Morton Eckstrom, Kendall Fussy, Brandi Kilde, Farrah McElmury, Brianna Patach, Michaela Sparby, Sierra Stroeing, Kari Sydow and Isaac Volk.

B Honor Roll: Grade 12 - Haley Bodien, Peter Fraley, Lucas Krabbenhoft, Lynn Masino, Tyler Mistic, Douglas Palmer, Oxana Pfannenstein, Jessica Smith, Nolan Vorderbruggen and Arthur Wirkus.

Grade 11 - Joseph Coller, Valerie Ferdig, Brady Gross, Carmen Imdieke, Matthew Jedlicka, Zachary Jones, Jared Kaasa, Brad Kusper, Garrett Naughton, Clara Notsch, Kip Solberg, Mitchell Sparby, Madison Stelten, Garrett Theisen and Avery Waskul.

Grade 10 - Zachary Bodien, Dylan Dexter, Jared Eckstrom, Taylor Enger, Cassandra Ferdig, Toni Ferdig, Logan Hower, Ashley Jeffrey, Taylor Levy, Madison Liapis, Riley Miller, Kristi Mills, Jenna Nestberg, Elena Pfannenstein, Sadie Radke and Cynthia Veazey.

Grade 9 - Julia Bogucki, Elizabeth Dufault, Paul Eckstrom, Logan Gesell, Nicole Granger, Brett Gross, Tristan Hendrickson, Garret Hentges, Kristina Johnson, Deven Jones, Ashley Lossing, Paige Moore, Andrew Moris, Meghanne Nattrass, Alexandra Pfannenstein, Mackenzie Stenson, Tanner Templin and Linnea Tracy.

Grade 8 - Logan Adams, Nathan Affield, Wyatt Brands, Colton Brown, Joseph Cheney, Levi Dexter, Chelsea Dobmeier, Conner Frenzel, Mason Frenzel, AshLee Hagen, Alexandria Heide, Trevor Hentges, Austindale Iceman, Tyler Jablonski, Cameron Landstrom, Jami Mistic, Jonathon Napieralski, Alexey Pfannenstein and Danisha Sells.

Grade 7 - Angello Bell, Daniel Benson, Courtnee Bjerkness, Devon Carmack, Zakary Crunden, Brian Denny, Larry Favela, Austin Field, Andrew Fineday, Austin Gesell, Madelyn Hall, Adam Jacobi, Autumn Jensen, Nicolas Jones, Olivia Keers, Morgan Levy, Jakob Meixner, Kyle O'Rourke, Mason Preston, Shawn Sherwood, Waylon Welsand and Owen Wentworth.



Week of April 10-13

TUESDAY, April 10 - Turkey wrap, chips, peaches, cookie, milk.

WEDNESDAY, April 11 - BBQ pork on a bun, french fries, corn, fruit mix, milk.

THURSDAY, April 14 - Chicken fajitas, beans, oranges, milk.

FRIDAY, April 13 - Pizza, green beans, bread sticks, pears, milk.



Week of April 10-13

TUESDAY, April 10 - Italian dunkers with homemade garlic sticks, green beans, pears, milk.

WEDNESDAY, April 11 - Polish sausage on a bun, cheesy mashed potatoes, California blend vegetables, pudding, milk.

THURSDAY, April 12 - Fiesta pizza, fresh mixed vegetables with dip, applesauce, peanut butter cookie, milk.

FRIDAY, April 13 - Submarine sandwich with the works, baked beans, corn chips, pineapple, milk.

Honor Roll

The following students have been named to the third quarter honor roll:

Distinguished Students: Grade 7 - Sydney Preston, Conner Rennemo And Savannah Thibert. Grade 8 - Lindsey Duresky And Joseph Weidenborner. Grade 9 - Shannon Head And Breanna Salmonson. Grade 10 - Mark Geerdes. Grade 11 - Shelene Head, Katey Lutz, Mandy Pula, Cassie Vollhaber And Johanna Weidenborner. Grade 12 - Alisha Gehlert And Jon Hand.

A Honor Roll: Grade 7 - Kaitlyn Jorgensen, Matthew Metzler And Johnathan Weidenborner. Grade 8 - Philip Anderson, Megan Hudec And Jeremy Wickham. Grade 9 - Cheyanne Franks, Steven Mayers And Dylan Villaran. Grade 10 - Kelly Heck, Carrieann Mortenson And Paula Pearsall. Grade 11 - Courtney Adams, Wyatt Jensen, Tanner Salmonson And Rhonda Schuh. Grade 12 - Kisha Heck, Danielle Nistler, Tiffany Stillday And Rachel Washenberger.

B Honor Roll: Grade 7 - Jennifer Wickham. Grade 8 - Christina Grundmeier, Sierra Heck, Xenia Hillman, Brandon Kemmer And Cole Koisti. Grade 9 - Nathan Anderson, Donald Lindquist And Dylan Villaran. Grade 10 - Jarrett Burns And Brenin Head. Grade 11 - Chelsey Adams And Alex Erickson. Grade 12 - Tim Franks, Reed Rennemo And Renae Swanson.

About Students

Benjamin Ware of Blackduck, received the Presidential Scholarship from the University of North Dakota for the 2011-2012 academic year.


Freshman Alayna Nestberg, daughter of Dean and Cindy Nestberg of Hines, is a member of the cast of the Tennessee Williams play, Camino Real, presented by the Concordia College Theatre Department.

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