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Saxhaug will work for what is right

Due to redistricting in early 2012, Aitkin County lost its fine senator, Tom Saxhaug. Therefore it’s with gratitude for his hard work and praise for his accomplishments that we wish him well as he faces the upcoming election for Minnesota Senate District 5.

Voters of Senate District 5, please know that with Tom Saxhaug representing you, you will have a champion in your corner. Working tirelessly for what is right, for what is important for middle class families, for our kids and our schools, for our seniors as well as for our industries and our environment, he will be there for you.

Know that he is accessible. Should you give him a call, he answers; you have a question, he’ll explain; you need him at an event, he will show up. He is one of us, he cares.

Voters, please cast your ballot for Sen. Tom Saxhaug on Nov. 6. It will be one of the best things you have ever done.