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Same-sex marriage legislation supported

I am writing to share my support for the recently introduced legislation, SF 925/HF 1054, which extends the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. Two summers ago, I married a wonderful man, and in doing so, I inherited a wonderful family. One of those family members is my husband’s little sister, who happens to be gay. I love her to pieces and one day I want her to be able to experience the same joy that I felt on my wedding day, with the woman she falls in love with.

I want her to be able to commit to loving somebody for a lifetime, and have a wedding with her friends and family, with the legal recognition and protection that comes with being married. I don’t want the specialness of her relationship to be tainted with the flavor of fraudulence when she can’t put her wife on her insurance, or when she has to say, “Well, we got a civil union five years ago,” instead of “We’ve been married for five years.”

People never ask me how long I’ve been with my husband. They do ask me when my anniversary is and how long we’ve been married. I want my little sister-in-law to have a complete and honest answer when she’s asked that question one day. We can give that to her this spring. Also, this legislation will greatly affect the lives of people you know and care about, not just me and my sister-in-law. So, let’s make this happen for all Minnesotans, this year.

Jini Block