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Right to live is most basic human right

This year, Jan. 22, is the 40th anniversary of abortion-on-demand in the U.S. It is, without a doubt, our own American holocaust. Some 60 million unborn babies have been surgically killed in these

 40 years, and that does not count the millions who have died from abortifacient contraceptives. Is it any wonder our nation is faltering?

Our own President Obama is trying to force all employers in the country to provide and pay for abortifacient contraceptives and sterilizations free of charge through their health insurance policies. In reality, these measures do far more damage to our health than good. What’s more is, they perpetuate the notion of “free sex,” which ultimately leads to disdain for human life.

The most basic and most important human right is the right to life. Without this right firmly established and upheld in society, all other human rights are at risk. Our country is in transition, now, of losing more and more rights because we have tolerated 40 years of ignoring the human rights of unborn children and the marginalized. Fortunately there is a groundswell of pro-life sentiment in our community, a sense of deep love and reverence for life, from conception until natural death. And it is evident by the collective efforts of a great many people who work daily to defend life and moral dignity.

Right here in Bemidji there are so many positive things happening to build a culture of life: Bible studies at our churches teach us the sanctity of human life. Natural family planning classes teach us respect for and understanding of our bodies as God designed us. Crisis pregnancy centers help women see through the lies that try to end life, and show them instead the peace that allowing new life to continue brings. Prayer groups give public witness to the defense of life.

A prayer vigil called “40 Days for Life” was just held in Bemidji last fall. And on Jan. 26, there will be a pro-life march in downtown Bemidji, starting at noon in front of the Beltrami County Courthouse. All are welcome to attend and walk in defense of life.

Elizabeth Upgren