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Right to drive should be earned through graduation

It seems to me that having rights requires responsibilities. For example, it is not unusual for parents to give children certain "rights" such as a weekly allowance as long as the children do their "chores." Right? Or, parents may give their children opportunities for private music lessons providing their children practice. Right? Yes, I think we would all agree that rights involve responsibilities as one is able to do so. Right?

Well, then, let me put this to you. Should the state or parents grant the right to drive to students who don't graduate from high school? After all, we have lots of restrictions on driving rights right now such as age, passing driving tests, DWIs, etc. And, as an aside, who wants to be driving on the roads with people who don't have the interest or ambition to get through basic high school courses?

This approach may not cut down on driving accidents, but I'll bet you a cup of coffee that it will improve graduation rates, and that is good for everyone.

Fulton Gallagher