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Restore House creates safety concerns

I went to the Helga Township board meeting (March 4) with an open mind. Many people understand that the Restore House facility benefits their clients greatly but disagree on the future location and safety of the neighborhood.

I’ve lived in Hubbard County/Helga Township for 15 years and had to call law enforcement twice. Both calls took over 40 minutes for law enforcement to show up because of the distance. A lot can happen in that time. Law enforcement officers who live in this area were also against the facility moving to this location. If I can’t trust their instinct, who can I trust?

What if Restore House turns away a visitor or client because they are high or drunk? Will someone escort these individuals back to town or are they left to roam our roads unattended? If you’ve ever driven down this road in the summer, you’d see multiple people with their children, horses and dogs walking down this road. An upset or uncontrolled individual isn’t something we want to expose our families to.

The gentleman who runs Camp Thunderbird feels it’s a great facility, but also stated the home is not in the best location with his children’s camp nearby. Most of the future neighbors will put this facility under the microscope and every negative instance will be watched and noted.

Now is Restore House’s chance to do the right thing as an organization and as a potential neighbor.

Please find a better location closer to law enforcement and emergency personnel so you’re able to still give the clients all the opportunities available. This is not only for the Restore House’s potential neighbors, but also their staff. For the safety of both neighbors and employees, please reconsider this move.

Brooks Clemenson