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Rep. Collin Peterson voted wrong on cap and trade

It was dumbfounding to see that Beltrami Electric used its membership publication, Northern Lights, to print a misleading article by Congressman Collin Peterson. In this article Congressman Peterson appears to be on our side by supporting clean, affordable energy, but this is an election year, and he is counting on us forgetting about a key vote he made last year.

In 2009 Congressman Peterson voted to enact a "Cap and Trade" tax. In effect, this tax will artificially increase the cost and limit the availability of energy to us (cap) while enriching an elite few who get to capitalize on carbon credits (trade). Peterson's article euphemistically referred to this as a "bi-partisan consensus" for a "pricing mechanism on carbon emissions." The energy tax he supports is not a bipartisan idea. It is an idea supported by his party alone.

Peterson then goes on to paint the Environmental Protection Agency as "moving ahead on its own" to enact energy policies that will not be beneficial to us. This, in fact, is true, but that is because he and his party are unwilling to prevent this, either through legislation or defunding. In fact, the EPA is trying to do exactly what he voted for in 2009.

Beltrami Electric's publication should not be used to promote a political agenda, but since it has it does prove one thing: lapdogs run in packs.

Chris Allen