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Reminder that passing on the right is against the law

Every day, as I drive through the streets of Bemidji, I see people passing on the right and some are law enforcement. The streets that I see this happening on all the time are First Street Northeast and Bemidji Road, at the Glidden Road intersection, not to mention various other places and Irvine Avenue.

I would like to take this time to remind drivers of the "what if's." Three-year-old Jack Larson of Buffalo, Minn., was killed May 11 after trying to cross a street with his siblings. Cars were stopped for him and an impatient driver insisted on passing on the right, striking Jack and killing him.

As one man said in the article I read, if cars are stopped, they most likely have a good reason! I wept when I saw the interview of this little boy's father telling how Jack's older brother saw Jack in the road and went to help him, but because of the car approaching, he had to leave him.

Drivers, put yourself in this little boy's shoes. How would you feel knowing that you took the life of a little boy, in the front of his very own siblings, and it could have been prevented 100 percent? As school nears an end and the weather is beautiful, it is very noticeable that everyone is out biking, walking or Rollerblading. Drivers need to keep this in mind. I'm not sure if passing on the right warrants a fine by law, but I think it would be a great time to not only, "click it or ticket" but also "pass on the right, ticket tonight."

Laurie Dickinson