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Religion has taken more lives than disease, disasters

Religions, though good in intention, have caused more harm throughout history than they have good. Religion has taken more lives than any disease or natural disaster in human history. Believing in something that is greater than mankind is a natural behavior for human beings. Intelligence has brought us to think beyond our existence.

The need for answers has always plagued us in every culture from ancient to modern times. Ancient religions and cultures have left modern society with clues of past philosophies and beliefs.

All of the world's greatest religious texts should not be taken literally, but as a story of moral values. Empires rise and fall in the name of God when in reality, it is mankind that controls their own fate. It is man that kills a fellow man.

Religion presents itself as "absolute" or "definite" in which one must be, but do we really believe? Will we really open our doors to strangers? Are we really following the words of God when we're at home sitting at the dinner table full of food while millions all over the world go hungry?

The fact is we only want God in our lives when it is most convenient or when we are in our most dire time of need. So ask yourself every time you see a homeless bum on the street, "Is my heart kind and should I follow what my god says and treat this person as I would want to be treated?" Or will you go by and ignore those moral values taught by your religious beliefs, because you are afraid and selfish.

If we, as an American society, really believe in God, there would be no wars, no famine, no greed because we would be peaceful society where we treat our neighbors like we treat our own. But we're not: millions go hungry, crime is high, war is happening as we speak and greed is evident. It is man that has done this.

So if you really believe, then believe. Don't pretend to believe and think of yourself as a good follower of god when in reality you're living your life to what you need.

Amarin Chanthorn