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Rejecting the belligerence of tea party gathering

The Brad Swenson article about the tea party held on the courthouse lawn reported a lot of facts but didn't quite capture the disconnect from reality displayed by the speakers and audience.

While they were bashing Obama, they ignored the fact that the problems were created by President Bush.

While they defended their right to practice Christianity, they neglected to observe that the Prince of Peace might frown on torturing prisoners to death, especially the innocent. While they were praising the Constitution, they neglected to observe that according to the Constitution; only Congress has the right to declare war. Something Congress (Republican and Democrat) has neglected to do in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan and terror. There is the faint odor of treason about our military violence against civilians.

There was an Alice in Wonderland quality about listening to Evangelical torturers and treasonous "Patriots" blather on about socialized medicine while the United States has a health care system that is the disgrace of the industrialized nations.

The tea party participants remind me of the right wingers who sent me to Vietnam in 1965. While we respect their rights to freedom of speech, we also have the obligation to reject their mindless belligerence.

Bob Tammen

Soudan, Minn.