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Recruit, hire people with disabilities

Our community needs qualified workers to make our economy stronger. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and Goodwill encourages the public and private sectors to strengthen their workforce by hiring qualified people with disabilities.

Goodwill Duluth employs more than 200 people with disabilities, and we know firsthand the benefits of a diverse, inclusive workforce. Our workers are motivated, dedicated and hard working. In Bemidji, we partner with the Occupational Development Center and the Rural Minnesota Concentrated Employment Program to provide employment to local residents with disabilities or others with barriers to employment.

For our program participants, the benefits of having a job go far beyond payday. Work creates a daily structure, a social forum and a sense of purpose.

Businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the northland need to hire the right workers to help our economy grow. Recruit and hire people with disabilities. It might be the best investment you make for your community.