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Reckless driving proves to be unsettling in Nymore

Tuesday night I was a partial witness to an incident that could have been avoided, if not, at least handled with more dignity and less cruelty. Along with the onset of warmer and longer days, an increase in the reckless and unnecessary driving has vastly grown in the last month, especially in the Nymore area of town.

Just in our area on Central Avenue we've noticed five distinct and recurring vehicles repeatedly racing up and down our streets, spinning their tires and reaching ridiculous speeds -- only to screech to a deafening stop less than a block later -- if at all. This activity happens from 2 p.m. until dawn, often waking many of the residents and causing overall unrest.

Tuesday, unfortunately, was no different, except someone did get hurt. As I sat at my picnic table, one of these inconsiderate idiots sped down my street and struck a little puppy right in front of the pup's little girl. Never in my life have I felt so horrible for another. Yes, the puppy was in the street, however, the little girl was on her way to retrieve it, and had the driver been driving responsibly, the incident would have been avoided. And to make it worse, the truck kept going, not even pausing with the impact.

All I could do was jog down the half block where the dead puppy and the little girl were, her mother holding her sobbing daughter tightly, and ask if there was anything I could do.

I am sick and tired of these imbeciles racing each other, squealing their tires, running stop signs and their general disrespect for all those around them. I am not alone in this anger and it needs to stop before a child or anyone else gets hurt, or worse, killed. Our neighborhood has many children and many adults active near the streets.

It is not cool to "burn rubber" or see how loud one's truck can get by slamming the accelerator to the floor and gunning it. This doesn't make sense and our anger has turned into a little girl's heartbreak. And to the person who killed this puppy, and didn't even stop to take responsibility for your appalling actions -- you are a disgrace, you are heartless, you are cruel. Enough is enough!

Holly N. Hedeen