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Ready, set, school; A busy Move-In Day at BSU

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Ready, set, school; A busy Move-In Day at BSU
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BEMIDJI -- Oak 233 B has been the home to many freshman students at BSU, including this writer, but for now, it's the home to Emily Ross and Anna Vanasse.

BSU residence halls opened their doors Friday as hundreds of students moved in just in time for classes to begin Monday.

Vanasse, originally from Bethel, Alaska, arrived in town around 9:30 a.m. Friday. "It's been going good, I had to get some organizers and some more hangers," she said. Ross, who is from Bemidji, had the opportunity to move in earlier in the week. "I think I got a feel for things and it wasn't so hectic," Ross said.

Both students are currently undecided in their majors but Ross is considering studying psychology or criminal justice. Vanasse said she chose BSU because has family in the area and has been visiting Bemidji every summer. Ross said she "chose it just because its a small town but has a big-town feeling."

The roommates shared one item that they are both looking forward to. "I'm excited for hockey games," Vanasse said. "My eyes just lit up because I am a huge hockey fan," Ross said.

While fall semester begins Monday, both Ross and Vanasse plan to enjoy the week.

"They have a lot of fun stuff planned for us, I heard some of the stuff and it sounds pretty fun," Ross said.

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