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Reader questions Kaul motive in blaming God

I was reading through the Bemidji Pioneer of June 12 and was a bit surprised to find a column that appeared at first to openly insult anyone who had a belief in a "blameless" God. I am not sure that the column, "Make sure to blame God too," was meant simply as a jest or whether its author, Donald Kaul, is really that poorly educated concerning theology.

Unfortunately, items of such a caustic nature can almost unconsciously affect whether or not a person is willing to read a particular newspaper. It is however our American way to have a wide variety of opinions always in close proximity, all constantly banging against each other and thankfully balanced by an open forum that allows discussion of the topics. Sometimes people can get mixed up in this bustle and begin to take things too seriously.

As I continued to read the column I began to realize that Mr. Kaul simply represents that portion of the populace who have been unfortunate in their interactions with the Creator. I would never call the fellow an atheist, since he has quite solid beliefs about what God doesn't do, or does too much of.

This leads me to the opinion that this author is indeed a true believer who has probably had some rather troublesome points in his life that have lead him to, "Never underestimate God's ability to take a bad situation and make it worse."

Perhaps there are other readers out there who would be willing to take just a moment of their time and petition God on behalf of Mr. Kaul, in the hopes that their relationship may undergo some healing. We're pulling for ya, Don.

Gerald P. Illies