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Reader disputes trivia answer, but we disagree

None of the answers offered for Trivia is correct. In 1925, Camp Koinina was founded. The name of the organization was incorporated as Oak Hills Fellowship in 1926, and the physical ministry property was called Camp Oak Hills. IHF also had another ministry of founding small children's Bible schools (often in homes) called its KYB (Know Your Bible) clubs. These became feeders for the camp, and later, many of them became nondenominational churches.

In 1946, another ministry was started which was (I think) called the Oak Hills Training School and trained adults on the undergraduate level. This became the Oak Hills Bible Institute, then the Oak Hills Bible College and Oak Hills Christian College (In the '90s). The college has never been separately incorporated, and exists as an arm of the Fellowship. The dates 1920, 1925 and 1930 do not represent any correct answer.

Joseph P. Smith


EDITOR'S?NOTE: The trivia information comes from Oak Hills Christian College's website, and the college agrees with its content.