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Quagmire of oppression needs to stop

We seem to have a totally out-of-control legal system in this area. No one seems to notice or care to do anything to stop all of its abuses of power.

A 13-year-old gets caught with a pot pipe and fails a drug test for just marijuana. So he is court ordered, sent in ankle restraints, to a wilderness hardcore treatment center, living with 17-year-old hardcore meth addicts. And Beltrami County paid $26,000 for this child to be there against his parents’ wishes.

A 15-year-old’s mom forgets to take the child to court. So a warrant is put out for the child, who is hauled off in handcuffs after the police threaten to break down the door at the child’s friend’s house. Then he is taken to the Northwestern Minnesota Juvenile Center. More cost to the county, for what? An “I’ll show you” bravado from the cops and system.

Why must we treat people so mean when they are no danger to anyone? So many people are on no-drink orders in this county, it is insane. You cannot tell that many people not to drink and expect absolute adherence. Are they just trying to make money for the coffers of Beltrami County by all of the no-drink violations?

Why does a soccer mom who got a simple DWI need to be drug tested while on probation? When it came up once positive for meth and she proved them wrong, that the test had failed, our wonderful prosecutor’s office refused to drop the charges on her, saying that she must have been in a car with meth addicts.

They are criminalizing every small thing that the teenagers do. The court costs for all of this excessive ongoing miscarriage of justice to hundreds and thousands of juveniles in the justice system at this moment in Beltrami County is huge.

Look at how our great cops treated Pastor Kelly and the congregation of the People’s Church. The cops busted in there like gangbusters to get a woman on a simple probation violation. They never would have behaved like such bullies and buffoons at First Lutheran Church. They would have called ahead to explain so not to alarm the innocent parishioners and their kids.

This constant quagmire of oppression that we live under needs to stop and change. It is costing Beltrami County a lot of wasted money.

Sandy Bean