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Public hearing announced in Blackduck

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Public hearing announced in Blackduck
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The Blackduck City Council has scheduled a public hearing to declare the special election results for 6 p.m. Monday, March 17 at City Hall.

Polls were open Monday at City Hall for residents of Blackduck to vote on if they will become a “split liquor” city.

Citizens also voted on if the City Council should be allowed to issue on-sale intoxicating liquor licences on Sundays.

A city that has split liquor is one that issues private on-sale intoxicating liquor licenses while owning and operating a municipal liquor store, according to a Minnesota statute.

If the voters approve split liquor, the council will only be allowed to issue four private on-sale licenses in Blackduck. If they wanted to exceed four, another election would have to be held, according to law.

The number of licenses a city is allowed to issue is based on population. Blackduck falls between the 500 to 2,500 range.

If voters approve, the city will have to adopt a liquor licensing ordinance before and licences can be issued.

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