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Protestors: We are not intimidating

Not informing? Intimidating? That wasn’t our experience.

We would like to comment on Brittany Olson’s Oct. 10 letter to the Pioneer about the 40 Days For Life (she cited it 40 Days of Life). She began by stating, "…what I assume the 40 Days protestors aren’t comprehending (let’s hope they’re not, because otherwise they’re just being willfully ignorant) is the fact that the Bemidji Planned Parenthood doesn’t even provide abortions." We don’t know anyone who thinks that. Declaring us uncomprehending or ignorant certainly lacks merit?

She continues with: "The 40 Days protestors are not raising awareness and they’re not stopping any abortions from happening…" With over 500,000 participants worldwide, including those in Bemidji, it is hard to imagine awareness is not enhanced. In the past three years, at least 54 abortion providers nationwide have closed or stopped conducting abortions. Attributing these actions to prayer, restrictive state laws, or reduced demand may be difficult to ascertain, yet this project appears to be a successful effort.

She also writes, "When you protest this incredible resource (PP), you are not informing anyone of anything — what you are doing is bullying the people…and intimidating them…" Interestingly enough, when Karl was there last Thursday, a reporter from one of our local radio stations asked him why he was doing this. Karl began his remarks by commending PP Bemidji for their wonderful work in several health care fronts, yet was adamantly opposed to their abortion referrals.

As a doctor of health, Karl went on to cite the late Professor Hymie Gordon, former chair of the genetics department of the Mayo Clinic, when he stated: "By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception." He further stated that the pre-born child is a distinct entity and deserves civil rights protection. He continued to cite data from the Center for Disease Control regarding the 67 percent survival rate in the womb with most of that premature death due to planned abortions.

Praying 100 feet from the sidewalk entrance with our backs to the building, obstructing no one, hardly describes an intimidating environment.

She concluded her remarks by saying: "It’s important for Bemidji residents to know that the 40 Days of Life protestors outside of PP are just a small sliver of the entire population…" Based on the data, and all the waves and thumbs up we received, we disagree.

Dr. Karl and Dorothy Salscheider

Cass Lake, MN