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Professional services are right here

It seems like the Bemidji community ignores the fact that there are many small businesses in our area that provide professional, quality and extremely competitive services. There are surveyors, engineers, architects, accountants and many others that are right in your back yard. Yet, time and time again, local decision makers in the public, private and non-profit sectors hire “out-of-town” experts for so many projects.

Please keep in mind that these decisions send hundreds of thousands of dollars a year out of our community, and that is no exaggeration, hundreds of thousands every year. We are capable, willing and will probably even save you a great deal of money over that perceived expert from out of town.

When you rely on your community to assist with funding your endeavor, is there really any good reason not to, at the very least, “ask” your neighbor to see if they are capable of doing your project? We care about our community, we invest in our community and we are going to be here for as long as we can make a living doing what we do. Please consider hiring local professional services.

Jim Lucachick