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'Pro-life' means marriage of one man, one woman

Living in an era of sexual deviancy, many try to confuse us with arguments leading us away from foundational principles that have made our country. Traditional marriage is often overlooked as to its role and importance in our society. While marriage is a biblical concept; one man and one woman, others have attempted to destroy marriage by trying to redefine it. But then it is no longer marriage, it is something else.

I believe that you cannot be truly "pro-life" and not be pro traditional marriage. The original purpose of marriage is rooted in human biology and psychology, and is evidenced in the laws of earlier civilizations. Marriage exists because the sexual union of a man and a woman, often results in children. Throughout history, leaders in many cultures maintained that a man and woman had a responsibility to raise the child they had created.

The marriage contract also served to protect their offspring by bringing the father into a legal relationship. A mother bearing children naturally bonded women physically to her child; a social contract reinforced the bond of the father to his children.

Understood as a publicly recognized legal sexual relationship between one man and one woman, marriage accomplished several things: children received benefits of having both biological parents, and society did not bear the responsibility of financial or civic support for orphans. The traditional family is what is best for children. Traditional marriage is the very bedrock and cornerstone of America, and is what has made us great.

Being "pro-life" and pro-Biblical marriage is an important societal position both spiritually and politically. Life is our most fundamental "inalienable" God given and constitutional right. And how we care for life especially our children with marriage is equally as important.

The Rev. Steve Erickson