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President Obama’s opponents often go off topic in interviews

Almost every time the president’s opponents are interviewed, they complain about him instead of answering the interviewer’s questions or offering their own plan for a given situation.

They now blame him for the public’s lack of support for a limited, punitive, preventative military strike against the leaders of Syria.

They completely ignore that the public’s reluctance to “get involved” is a direct result of the foolish decisions that they and their reckless commander in chief made in regards to Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead of limited, intelligent use of force against those who did us harm on 9/11, they and that commander in chief decided to mount a full-scale invasion and takeover of two countries (one of which had absolutely nothing to do with the attack).

The president’s opponents completely ignore and try to hide the fact that this commander in chief opposed their foolish actions, which cost us so much in blood and treasure and loss of standing in the world. And he’s ended our involvement in those wars.

The pattern of the president’s opponents of opposing anything he tries to do is positive proof that they hate him more than they love our country.

I have full confidence that this commander in chief will pursue intelligent strategies that will “cut off the head of the snake.” (Which he did with Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders).

This commander in chief is a man of peace. If he has looked at all the facts and decided we need to take action, we should have confidence that action is needed.

Don Foster