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Preserve the bedrock of our society

Over this past summer I was delighted to attend no less than five beautiful weddings of family members and friends. All five of these radian young couples vowed their fidelity exclusively to one another and promised to raise children together. It was a summer of joy and celebrations.

Marriage is the framework wherein families are formed and flourish. You need a man and a woman to make babies, and this is how we build our society. The institution of marriage predates government and religion. It naturally arises as a foundational relationship between men and women in all societies. Furthermore, studies have proven that children do best in a family with both a mother and a father present.

If we change the current societal norms of marriage, the family structure will be seriously weakened, and our children will suffer the most. The state has an obligation to protect children; redefining marriage will harm children. The marriage amendment seeks to uphold and protect the definition of marriage as we have known it throughout history. This does not limit love in any way. People of all persuasions are free to express their love for each other however they wish. This simply keeps in place an institution that is good for society and is the greatest protector of children known to mankind.

The time has come to preserve this foundational institution in our state. Recently there have been 33 states across the United States that have voted on, and passed, amendments to preserve marriage as between one man and one woman. Marriage is for life, children and families; let’s keep this bedrock of our society intact.

Vote with country, vote with God, vote “yes” for marriage.