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Police should leave college drinkers alone

I see that the Bemidji anti-fun police are at it again. Do we really need to waste a $4,000 grant on nailing persons who choose to drink in college?

There are several types of underage drinking. I understand stopping kids from drinking in middle school and high school. But in college, that is different. You are almost a senior by the time you turn 21. Everyone knows have the fun of college is the partying. Homer Simpson said there is a time and place to learn about drugs and alcohol, and that is called college.

When we went to pick my child up from the University of Minnesota on the last day of finals, there were lots of parties going on at houses all around campus. At noon, yet. We commented that it would not be able to go on like that in good old Bemidji, because the cops would be all over them looking for underage drinking, and the neighbors would be calling in loud noise complaints.

The drinking age turned to 18 my freshman year in college. We all graduated and came out just fine being allowed to drink at 18, 19 and 20. Did our law enforcement people totally snore through their years of college? Do the terms “Be cool” and “Look the other way” mean anything? The college students will always party. They will just get much sneakier.

Law enforcement are such control addicts they they would rather be lied to than live with these kids doing “within reason” what college days have always been known for.

It is bad enough that these young graduates will soon have to face a lifetime of drug tests and background checks. Let them have some fun while they are in college.

As a neighbor near Bemidji State University, I always look forward to all of the loud parties and craziness that starts up every fall. It is fun to see.

Why do we need to be in such a police state existence in this town? Surely there is far worse crime to pursue.

Sandy Bean