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Police and fire report for May 13

local Bemidji,Minnesota 56619
Bemidji Pioneer
Police and fire report for May 13
Bemidji Minnesota P.O. Box 455 56619

Police report

The Bemidji Police Department responded to the following calls:

Motor vehicle tampering

12:29 a.m. Saturday, 2800 block of Ridgeway Avenue Northwest. A vehicle was entered and items had been moved, but nothing appeared to be missing.


12:55 a.m. Tuesday, 200 block of Minnesota Avenue Northwest. A male suspect was arrested after he brandished a large knife at bartender. The bartender had refused to serve him, saying he was "obviously intoxicated" and kicked the man out. Once outside, the suspect withdrew a large "Rambo"-like knife at the bartender and tapped the blade against the side of a window. He was arrested on suspicion for second- and fourth-degree assault, making terroristic threats and violating a no drink/no enter order.


1:30 p.m. Tuesday, 3300 block of Bardwell Drive Northwest. A woman reported that her daughter's storage unit was broken into. A Maytag washer and dryer set and a flat-screen TV were stolen.

Sheriff's report

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office responded to the following calls:


9:28 a.m. Monday, North Grace Lake Road Southeast. Multiple items were reported stolen, including air compressors, a power washer, table saw, welder, router, chainsaw, aircraft cylinders, aircraft skis, aircraft crank case, aircraft tires, a door, a garden set, two hears, a printer, a "super" computer and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The loss is valued at more than $71,000.

11:53 p.m. Tuesday, 1400 block of Miles Avenue Southeast. A wedding band, subwoofer, amps and a Sony digital camera were stolen. The loss is valued at more than $2,000.

Identity theft

12:187 p.m. Monday, Island View Drive Northeast. Unauthorized used of account information was reported.

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