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Playhouse lineup disappointing

I have attended the Paul Bunyan Playhouse since the 1950s when I lived in Bagley and endured the packed heat of the tiny theater at the Birchmont resort. I have supported it since moving to Bemidji in 1957. When it moved to the Chief Theater, I even came forward with money.

I purchased my season tickets this week, and I am sad to say I am disappointed. I have always been impressed with the quality of the acting and I derived a special excitement from experiencing the live performers in their near presence that exceeded the experience of the same play on film.

You have to have a mix in order to please as many people as possible, but the selections for this summer's performances disappoints me as the same old silly and inane drivel. I remain impressed with the quality of the acting and the determined dedication of these very talented performers.

Sometimes a person needs something solid to chew on. I recall fondly in the past experiencing classics such as "The Glass Menagerie" and "Our Town." I have the feeling that the audience in Bemidji is underrated.

Carl Seemann