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Peterson sheds Blue Dog mantel for climate change

Just when you hoped that he hadn't completely lost touch with the Minnesotans who placed him in office, Rep. Colin Peterson voted for the Waxman/Markey global warming tax.

It became clear in April that he's intent on shedding the "Blue Dog" label when he supported Obama's deficit-saturated budget. That was a complete reversal after stating, "And I can tell you even if they fixed the Ag thing and took it all out of there, I am not going to vote for a budget with a $1.75 trillion deficit. I don't give a damn what's in it. It ain't going to happen." So maybe it was overly optimistic to now expect him to side with farmers whose livelihoods rely on several affordable, although politically incorrect, energy sources.

Perhaps if the voters of Minnesota's 7th Congressional District had been of a mind to use the heavy hand of government to enforce the will of an aggressive lobby, Peterson could cite "the will of the people" as his guiding principle. However, a June 29 Rasmussen poll finds that just 35 percent of Americans say they support paying anything extra for clean energy.

Even more telling (those putting their money where their mouth is) has been the popularity of a local experiment -- of the more than 16,000 Moorhead Public Service customers, less than 4 percent are willing to subsidize its wind energy program with a ½-cent premium per KwH.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." When over 31,000 American scientists sign a statement rejecting the man-made global warming hypothesis one doesn't have to wonder why special interest groups feel the need to point government's regulatory gun at us. I, for one, hope Peterson suddenly remembers his constituents when he's pressured to hamstring our health care industry as well through yet another Washington power grab.

Luther StuelandMoorhead