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Peter Funt: 2013 Precap

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Peter Funt: 2013 Precap
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Should auld acquaintance be forgot? How ‘bout the presidential campaign, the 112th Congress and Newsweek?

Journalists usually favor year-end recaps of news but as a public service I’m going to focus instead on the glorious months ahead, in this handy precap of 2013:

Jan. 1: At a New Year’s breakfast with Congressional leaders, President Baracl Obama outlines goals for his second term: creating jobs, reducing the deficit and ending war. House Speaker John Boehner tells reporters, “It sounds like the president is still campaigning.”

Jan. 31: Congressional Republicans introduce legislation to make Jackie Robinson’s birthday a federal holiday.

Feb. 3: Super Bowl XLVII is held in New Orleans and immediately establishes an NFL record for a Roman numeral that fewest fans are able to decipher.

Feb. 8: Hurricane Baby Girl threatens the Florida coast. Meteorologists explain that due to climate change, storms are arriving too prematurely for proper names.

Feb. 15: Political guru Dick Morris tells Fox News that his analysis of the presidential election is “virtually complete,” and shows that low turnout among Mitt Romney’s family hurt him in swing states.

March 1: In an effort to help Canada cope with the theft from its maple syrup stockpile, Mexico offers a donation of 6 million pounds from its national guacamole reserves.

March 19: Chris Christie makes a surprise appearance at the annual Cow Bell Concert in Sioux City, Iowa, declaring, “We must put politics aside.” Christie also denies a TMZ report that his fleece jackets contain wool from Chinese yaks.

April 4: On the heels of her breakup with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez announces she is engaged to Ryan Reynolds, freshly divorced from Blake Lively.

April 11: Making good on his election night pledge to work with Mitt Romney, President Obama names Romney U.S. ambassador to the Cayman Islands.

May 5: Congressional Republicans introduce legislation to make Cinco de Mayo an official U.S. holiday.

May 18: HBO begins production on its adaptation of the book “All In.” The film stars Kristen Wiig as Paula Broadwell, Ben Affleck as Gen. David Petraeous, Lindsay Lohan as Jill Kelley, and Jim Carrey as the Internet Guy.

June 4: Eager buyers line up at 4 a.m. to purchase the new iPad Maxi. The device measures 2.5 x 4.8 ft., and has fold-down wheels for easy transport.

July 9: The Postal Service issues a $15 billion stamp. USPS says, “Projections show that if we sell just one of these stamps per year, we’re home free.”

Aug. 1: Noting that the month is sorely lacking in federal holidays, Congressional Republicans propose making the second Monday in August National LGBT Recognition Day.

Aug. 15: Christian Louboutin for Target launches a super-sale, with shoe bargains starting at $650.

Sept. 10: Continuing its precipitous decline, NBC’s “Today” show is surpassed in morning ratings by PBS’s “Dinosaur Train.”

Sept. 14: Congressional Republicans vote to establish federal funding for Univision.

Oct. 8: Data from the College Board show a record number of students have applied for the Semester Abroad Program in Gangnam, South Korea.

Oct. 14: Walmart “honors” Thanksgiving Day in Canada by opening U.S. stores at midnight and keeping them open until Nov. 29.

Nov. 2: Dick Morris concedes that his prediction of total runs scored in the World Series was off by 23. Morris tells the N.Y. Post, “I had no idea there were so many Latino players.”

Nov. 28: The nation celebrates Thanksgiving unusually late, causing the National Retailers Association to propose that Christmas be delayed by one week.

Dec. 3: Americans line up for the first Plumbing Repair Tuesday, with great “Drain-Buster Deals.”

Dec. 4: Americans flock to Win-it-Back Wednesday, featuring a 25 percent bonus at the nation’s casinos for those tapped out after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Plumbing Repair Tuesday.

Dec. 31: At a New Year’s Eve tea with Republican leaders, President Obama toasts “good health and prosperity in 2014.” John Boehner says he is willing to poll his members, but can't, "in good conscience," make any promises.


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