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Persell voted for district on increasing income tax

I would like to thank Rep. John Persell for his vote last week on a responsible and fair revenue bill. After considering the damaging cuts that would harm our local hospital and schools, he chose to support the revenue necessary to allow them to continue to care for our community members and educate our children.

The taxes in this bill ask the most fortunate in our state to pay a little more, a few cents will be added to the cost of a drink, and credit card companies that charge their customers too much in interest will pay a surcharge. I think that's fair.

This bill will raise $1 billion for our schools, hospitals and nursing homes. The governor also wants to raise $1 billion, but he wants to put it on our state credit card and pay $600 million in interest. The pay-as-you-go approach Rep. Persell supported is the right way to go. If there's one thing our state doesn't need, it's more debt.

A recent letter writer said Rep. Persell has abandoned the people he represents - I believe just the opposite is true. In the face of a $6.4 billion budget deficit, he chose the path that will cause the least amount of pain and maintain critical jobs in these difficult times.

Teresa Northbird

Cass Lake