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Peoples Church serves a lot of community needs

About 10 years ago, I began attending a small and very informal church. People could get up and mingle; small children could walk up to the preacher during the service. People from all walks of life were welcome there. I would bring my 2-year-old son with me on afternoons when I volunteered to cook lunch and dinners. My son would sit and drink his bottle and watch TV. There was no fear of danger there, just pleasant people to talk to. I saw no reason for someone to feel the need to "pack a pistol" upon entering that church as our city officials seem to see a wimp need to do.

This is a place where you can come and rest, talk to people, have a glass of Kool-Aid. Nothing is marked, "Do not use, for youth group only." There is no pretence or fussiness. No one checks people's shoes upon entering for illicit drugs or knives as does S.O.S.

City officials have been invited to come and break bread at a meal there, but none have come down from their gilded chairs to accept the invite. Sure things are not always up to code in any house or structure but it is safer than nowhere or a railroad track. The house of un-hospitality is a farce and helps very few people. This city only seems to care about athletics and turns a blind eye to helplessness and homelessness. The church I speak of is the People's Church and my baby is now 12 years old. If one-third of the monies could have been donated to Pastor Kelly rather than that stupid event center, it would have helped a lot.

Sandy Bean