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People make this great place to live

I would like to publicly give a sincere thank you to Nymore resident Dan Rice for coming to my aid on Sept. 6. Shortly before noon, while walking to my garage, I had lost my breath, became lightheaded and fell to the ground. My wife was at work so I was alone. Dan was driving by and happened to see me fall down and came to my assistance.

Had it been not for Dan, I am not sure how things would have turned out. He called my family and left a message on what had occurred. He waited with me until I felt better. He even went out of his way to follow me to my appointment, making sure I arrived safely. It is people in our community, like Dan Rice, who make Bemidji a great place to live.

Again, thank you from this 81-year-old longtime resident of Bemidji and hats off to Dan.