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People have the choice to believe or not believe

Since the letter by Amerin Chanthorn on July 2, that evolution taught in schools is just a theory, why can't they teach religious values as a theory also? Since the majority of people believe in religion, (whatever denomination) why can't they state that it is also a theory most believe in and let the students think it out. If we don't send children to school to learn to think but to attain all knowledge presented to them, how is that different than brain washing?

It has been found to have a lot of flaws in school books and some are written by people who have no idea what they are writing about. There are a number of teachers in this world who are not the best people to be teaching. Either teach both theories or neither. It has become easier to understand the parents' concept of home schooling. The first Bible printed in English was printed by Congress to be used to teach in public schools, and it wasn't until June 17, 1963, when God was taken out of schools.

Scientists are not always in agreement, as proven in global warming theory with statistics stating, over 700 scientists say it isn't happening but Al Gore says it is and has fake pictures to prove it. While in northern Minnesota, winters have been colder lately and we could use some global warming. Why would we want our tax dollars to stop it just so we can pay more to warm our homes in winter?

One knowledgeable about God and Jesus would find out he is a loving God and is not sitting ready to punish you if you do something wrong. God gives us the ability to choose between right and wrong, and is ready to forgive if you ask. God loves everyone and is waiting with arms open but doesn't force his way on us. We have to open our hearts and let Him in.  First of all you would need to admit God and Jesus is more than a theory and ask for forgiveness for sins.

Our laws of the land are what we are punished for if we do something wrong on this Earth and if you don't believe when you die, you will find out what punishment really is. Your choice again. Believe or not.

Delores Almendinger