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Pawlenty's political goals have damaged our state

Gov. Pawlenty can't leave office fast enough. His fanciful and absurd presidential ambitions have been damaging the quality of Minnesota residents' lives for years. This past month he has stepped it up a notch. His executive order to forbid Minnesota's participation in the new health care legislation will likely cost us over $1 billion in federal funding and his rejection of a no-strings teen pregnancy prevention grant of $850,000 are the two most recent examples. Real Minnesotans will suffer because of these decisions.

For years, Gov. Pawlenty's intransigence to work with the Legislature on any form of revenue increase labeled a tax damaged Minnesota cities and governmental services and just pushed tax increases lower down the line while forcing severe service cuts everywhere. He did manage to approve fee increases nearly everywhere since they are hidden taxes tagged with a different label. Truth would have hurt his presidential aspirations even though we would have been better off had he tried it.

Gov. Pawlenty has not worked with the best interests of all Minnesotans in mind for several years now. To be charitable, I will assume that he once did. Instead, he has been using us as his launching platform for a presidential bid. I say good riddance to him

William Smith