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Paul and Babe MNsure ads should connect to Bemidji

I have enjoyed seeing Paul and Babe featured in MNsure’s advertising promotions. These have been done in good taste and light humor. However, I am left wondering how many times viewers are making the connection between Bemidji and Paul and Babe. Maybe it would be a good idea for “our” Paul and Babe to make sure this connection takes place.

 How does something like this sound? MNsure’s promo fades and you hear: “This is John Cameron Swayze (or something close) reporting to you from beautiful Bemidji, located in the pristine lake country of northern Minnesota where Paul and Babe have taken a licking and keep on camping, hiking, fishing (summer-winter), golfing, running, biking, skiing (water and snow — downhill, cross country), hunting, shopping, watching, listening, relaxing, boating … you finish the list.” Fade to a photo of the real Paul and Babe and Paul saying, “Brought to you by VisitBemidji.”

Wow, aren’t Paul, Babe and us lucky to call Bemidji “home?”

Eric Niskanen Bemidji