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Panel to review public art inane and dangerous

Your recent editorial on suggesting that the city of Bemidji establish a committee to address complaints on public art is not only inane, but potentially dangerous.

The writer suggests that this committee would not be a censoring group, but in effect it would be and would have a chilling effect on future works of art in the community.

Further, one need only look to the 1930's of Hitler and the Nazi Party to really understand how art works can and were manipulated. Masterpieces were removed, burned, and replaced with Nazi ideals of art to serve Germany "for the good of the nation."

Don't tell me that isn't dangerous. Community standards (which change constantly) can best be met by residents buying or not buying art they don't like. In the public sector, if one does not like what the town council supports, then un-elect them. But, please, not one more committee!

Fulton Gallagher