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Outdated medieval biblical scriptures

The pastor Fr. Don Braukmann in his July 21 letter to the editor wrote he was attempting to clean up the new of the Roman Catholic Church on same-sex marriage in 400 words or less. My view in 400 words or less is that the Catholic Church is based on outdated medieval biblical scriptures promoted by power-seeking clericals wearing miters and cardinal robes endeavoring to keep the masses in subjection and benign ignorance.

In his letter, he claims God is love. A strange God indeed who would deny the right of marriage to 8-10 percent of the population, which the good Father claims God created. Is his God a bigot denying rights to many and who reserves justice for only the chosen few?

The so-called son of God, the historic Jesus, was nothing more than an overzealous fanatic Jew who was bold enough to claim divinity for which there is no proof whatsoever. Because Jesus claimed marriage to be between one man and one woman is hardly proof of a divine decree.

Citizens of the USA live and thrive under something called the Constitution, not some biblical 10 commandments and-or outdated scriptures. Most of us who "think" and have true compassion for our fellow humankind want the GLBT community to share in total equality of existence. In fact, marriage itself is a dying moribund institution (consider that 50 percent end in divorce). If gays and lesbians desire access to marriage that should be their prerogative (they have as much right to be miserable as heterosexuals).

Does the good Father really believe that people who are not married must live in a celibate and chaste state of being, denying their sexuality? What planet does he live on? Should we send the men with little white jackets to pick him up? But wait, let's be humane and forgive the poor misguided Father Braukmann his sanctimonious rhetoric. He is totally confused and, of course, totally brainwashed by the church hierarchy.

Marjorie Anderson