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OUT AND ABOUT: It's daily yoga for Daly: Instructor enjoys bringing the art of yoga to the public

Local yoga instructor Dionne Daly leads a Yoga at the Beach session recently in Bemidji. Daly has been teaching yoga in Bemidji since 2005. (Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer)

BEMIDJI -- Yoga is something Dionne Daly does daily.

She doesn't feel right if she skips a day. "I really do miss it," Daly said. "I feel it, I feel very tight all over."

Daly, 44, has been practicing yoga for many years and has been teaching in the Bemidji area since 2005. Daly, an avid runner, took a suggestion from a friend to seek out yoga for good stretching.The first time, Daly participated in a yoga class, it took place in a gym setting and she didn't have a good experience.

"Three months later, I went into a studio, I truly enjoyed it, it made my body calmer, sitting in there. I basically just fell in love with it, to stretch out muscle," Daly said.

Daly's was encouraged to become a yoga instructor by one of her own instructors. Daly taught in Minneapolis and has continued in Bemidji at her own studio, Dionne's OM Yoga Studio.

The past few summers, Daly also has taught a few sessions of Yoga at the Beach though the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

The outdoor yoga session is similar to what a student would experience in the studio, but the location allows the students to "really feel the essence of nature," Daly said. The practice of yoga was originally founded with several connections to the outdoors, and there are many poses based on animals and trees.

Through yoga, Daly has been able to "bring flexibility to my body, focus and balance my body and most important from that standpoint is making my body strong," she said.

Most of Daly's students use yoga to "tune back into their body, connecting and releasing the stresses," she said. Yoga is also helpful for dealing with life tasks, both positive and negative. "Whether its loss of a job, or a happy family or a new birth or a divorce," Daly said.

An important aspect of participating in yoga is breath control. Daly often reminds her students, "You have done yoga before, even if you haven't done yoga before, it's all in the breathing."

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