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Olson's health care endeavors much appreciated

It is possible to describe me as "an old party hack" because of my 40-plus years of political activism; indeed it has been done. Sometimes political news coincides perfectly with personal challenges and one wishes to either shout with joy or scream with frustration.

That is how I felt when I read the recent article in which Sen. Mary Olson stated firmly that health care problems in Minnesota need to be considered from both bipartisan and statewide perspectives. The article mentioned financial consequences to Bemidji's hospital as well as other troubling consequences of the last legislative session.

I am recovering from a very recent shoulder replacement and I now know firsthand why those who have like experiences are so often seen with wide smiles and cannot stop burbling about what great doctors, nurses, therapists, etc., we have and how their lives are changed. They cannot shut up about it; I can't either. Many have asked me how much this will cost me, and I admit that I do not know but I expect my insurance to cover it or most of it. Then I think about what I would do if I did not have insurance; and I wonder what I would do if I had a life-threatening disease and no insurance.

And then I think we are also fortunate to have Sen. Olson and others dedicated to giving everyone the same chance at good health care which I have. It is not fair only some of us can take advantage of the wonderful health care providers we have. It is not fair to them that their compensation is lower or threatened in any way by the fact they choose to practice here rather than in urban areas. It is not fair to the hospital either.

I support Sen. Olson in her endeavors and I hope you will, too.

Lorraine F. Cecil