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Oberstar, Peterson vote on climate change key

In response to Brad Swenson's article on June 28 about the climate change bill, I believe that the narrow margin by which the bill passed makes the support of Mr. Peterson and Mr. Oberstar essential.

The Earth's temperature has warmed more during the last century than any other in the last thousand years. Climate change affects Minnesota, raising temperature and increasing precipitation.

Thus, stopping global and local climate change necessitates immediate action. A bill that, for the first time, aims at curbing heat-trapping gases linked to climate change stands indeed as a landmark in legislation. It would be naïve to expect that a bill which substantially affects the way in which America produces and uses energy will draw unconditional support from everybody.

For this reason, I applaud Mr. Peterson and Mr. Oberstar's attitude of making the necessary compromises in order to support the climate change the bill in the House.

Federico D. BurlonSt. Paul