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Obama’s policies are hurting our country

Over the past few weeks, the Obama Administration has repeatedly professed to have no prior knowledge of the current slate of scandals plaguing the White House: Benghazi, IRS and AP phone record seizures.

This makes me wonder, just what does this administration talk about at the White House? Michelle’s bangs? White House parties? Basketball? Golf? Fundraising?

Apparently they don’t discuss what’s going on in their own administration. Whether it’s Attorney General Eric "I don’t know!" Holder, Secretary of State Hillary "What does it matter?" Clinton, or President Barack "I get my information from TV" Obama; this administration seems oblivious to the universe unfolding around them.

Perhaps President Obama should watch more TV. Maybe then he’d at least comprehend how bad his policies are hurting our country. He could start by watching Fox News to find out what the rest of his administration has been up to. Heaven knows he can’t count on his incompetent staff to keep him informed.

Mr. Obama is either the most hands off, disengaged president in our lifetime or he has gone from "the smartest person on the planet" to someone who now knows absolutely nothing. Unfortunately for our country however, he has remained just smart enough to figure out that it is better to play stupid then to tell the truth.

The majority of the electorate hired Mr. Obama, not his staff, to do the job of steering the ship of state. We have highly paid people now telling us that the president stays in his cabin during important storms and the cabin boy holds the tiller. Mr. President, you have exposed yourself as an indifferent, lazy leader. You, Mr. President, are an empty suit; and a lot of us have seen through you for a long time. Yes America, the emperor has no clothes! Regretfully, not enough of us opened our eyes and realized it before it was too late. You were re-elected. May God have mercy on the United States of America.

Jim Espeseth