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Obama visit to Africa an important moment for all

Obama's visit to Ghana made me proud to be from planet Earth. I was delighted when he decided not to visit his ancestral Kenya. Obama showed that his allegiance to the human race and human rights trumped national and tribal loyalties.

The highlight of Obama's visit to Ghana was his tour of the slave castle at Cape Coast. The dungeons there were a prelude to the "door of no return." From this door of terrible parting from family, land and culture began the modern African Diaspora. African culture and values passed through the exile of slavery to the planted and to grow and flourish around the world.

However, the slaves of 400 years ago were not the first African Diaspora. That migration began in East Africa, from the ancestral home of President Obama. That Diaspora began in the cradle of all humanity. Every human being who ever walked into a new land on planet Earth first walked out of East Africa.

Kenya is the homeland of all races, tribes and peoples of our Earth. The "door of no return" opened up a hundred thousand years ago to the north down the valley of the Nile River. Our African ancestors, mother and father of us all, went to Egypt and up to Palestine into Asia Minor. Some went on to the Caucasus and to Europe. Others went east to India and Australia. Still others went to China and Siberia. The African and human Diaspora continued to Alaska and all the way to Tierra del Fuego.

We can all thank Obama for a very human moment at Cape Coast. I can thank him as an Irish American for the remembrance of my African roots. There is no longer slave nor free. No longer red, nor yellow, nor black nor white. At last, we are again equal in the arms of the Creator.

Rev. Bob Kelly