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Not everything is a reportable crime

We have certainly become an obsessively, disgusting cop-worshipping society. Our privacy and rights have been quickly eroded from our everyday lives and no one seems to care.

We even have people who think they are little gestapo for the police with their constant calling and reporting anything they see, like a man dressed disheveled. So what? Not a cop matter.

Come on, people. Not everything is suspicious. Use your head and mind your own business. For 40 years people have been openly smoking pot. So why all of a sudden does everyone need to call the cops for the odor of weed? Why do 10 cops with guns drawn need to harass people, threaten to kill their dogs and ransack their homes just to find a pot dealer? Come on.

There are thousands of meth users in this town. Concentrate on busting them. You can spot meth addicts working all over Bemidji. That type of drug use needs to be stopped. Prioritize, for God sake.

There is a law for everything. The cops are not very kind and show no common sense. Or say, "Oh, I used to do that as a teen" or "Boys will be boys" and let issues drop rather than always bringing charges on people.

I grew up in an era that hated and protested the military, hated the cops, government authority and the establishment. It was a good time, and things were free and easy and fun. Today we do not even teach high schools how to do acts of civil disobedience. Like a teacher getting all of the students to dress against the dress code in protest. They are too much in fear of being fired. Sad. Parents cannot even drink and have parties with their kids present.

I for one am sick and tired of my circle of life getting smaller and smaller in the name of laws and paranoia on the part of idiots. People need to go back to using common sense in situations. Not everything needs to be dealt with the same way. I want to be free to express myself, to irritate the ones who say, "Well, I never…" and to raise my kids the way I want to. Things that the kids did 10 years ago would be punished as terrorist behavior by today’s standards. And back then, they went unpunished and had fun.

Sandy Bean