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None of the candidates speak to racism in city

The racism of Bemidji will be widespread throughout District 4 if we allow Mayor Lehmann to take office. Thorson seems to be sensible, although he also doesn't pay much attention to the issues of the minorities in the community as well as others claiming to stand for democracy.

The thing that really caught my attention is the remark stated by a Mr. Hess. I commend the man for standing up to defend his ideals from the typical assumptions the Democrats of this area tend to base their inept pretentious observations of matters on. But, I was taken aback by Mr. Hess indicating that he has worked with the Warriors for Justice. He approached Nicole Beaulieu on occasions and spoke with her in regard to some of our protests, but I don't recall working with the Tea Party. Perhaps Mr. Paquin has and I am not obligated to speak on his behalf, but Nicole or I do not associate ourselves with Republicans, especially Republicans within the Tea Party.

Thorson also stated his campaign isn't against the BREC, neither is ours. Paquin being a tradesman is concerned about the lack of enforcement of affirmative action on the project. This problem of unemployment amongst the American Indian population is not just confined to the issue of the BREC, it's rampant. In a previous article released on the behalf of the Pioneer editorial board on the matters of racism, they warn the public on speaking out against it.

Personally, I was offended; belittling the reality of racism in our community is not going to benefit us. First we must admit we have a problem before we can confront and overcome it. We've been ignoring the vulnerability of the inherent racism being indoctrinated into society here in northern Minnesota for too long.

Yes, there are American Indians who somehow find comfort in structural racism and assimilate themselves into it. It's those internally oppressed individuals that brought Nicole Beaulieu and me into the hoopla of politics. To speak out against those who misappropriate priorities within the American Indian community, we have been nothing short of disappointed in the treacherous, insensitive representation that has not only failed the American Indian, but has also failed to find balance and harmony with the shared interests of our community, this shiftless jobbery goes beyond the reservation. I won't let any racist claim I'm their friend that is for sure.

Curtis Buckanaga