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NCHS picket supports Twin Cities millworkers

I am writing in response to "Strong-arm union tactics not wanted." This is not a union, non-union issue. This is an area standards campaign for the millwork employees and their families in the Twin Cities metro area.

O'Keefe, also doing business as Brothers Distributing, does not meet area standards in the Twin Cities metro area. It does not pay area standard wages to all of its carpentry employees, including fully paying for health benefits and pension. Nor does this company participate in a state certified apprenticeship program that contributes to the education and training of their workforce.

North Country Health Services was made aware of this dispute with O'Keefe and the public awareness campaign that would follow before they made a decision on a millwork provider for Neilson Place.

We thank all the people who have stopped by the banner and shown support for the millwork families from the metro area. One man stopped by and asked, "Why didn't North Country use a local guy and give this community support?"

Good question.

Doug Wendt


Marshfield, Wis.