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Nasty campaign literature already making the rounds

When I went to my mailbox Monday morning I was upset to find a nasty piece of campaign literature about our state representative, John Persell. The large glossy postcard was full of negative half-truths and was put together by some Republican front group by the name of CMB.

I expect to get/see these nasty political mailings in October when one candidate feels he is behind so they have to go negative and this trash starts to pile up in our mail, but now it appears that they won't even give us a break from the negative ads over the summer.

I hope anyone who got this stuff or gets the next one that's sure to follow, will call Richard Lehmann and ask him to tell the GOP and their St. Paul-based friends to knock it off. This is northern Minnesota, not the Twin Cities. We make up our minds about our political choices and don't appreciate this type of negative politics.

Kathy Taylor

Cass Lake