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Three killed in plane crash outside Thief River Falls

Mustang Boys Basketball Update

The following statistics are from the game at Blackduck tlast Friday. The final score of the game was 71-63 with the Drakes getting the win.

Joey Schuh had a total of 15 points, with six 2-pt. buckets made and was 3-4 for freethrows. He also had two assists and two fouls and 11 rebounds.

Isaiah Rahier had a total of 12 points, also with six 2-pt. buckets and was 0-2 on his freethrows. He had six assists, three steals and eight rebounds.

Travis Olafson had a total of nine points, with three 3-pt. buckets. He had one assist, three steals, one foul and two rebounds.

Keith Shaughnessy had a total of eight points, with two 2-pt. buckets and was 4-5 for free throws. He also had two assists and three fouls and 11 rebounds.

Jeff Roosdett had a total of seven points, with two 2-pt. buckets and a 3-pt. bucket. He halos had a steal, three blocks, one foul and eight rebounds.

Tristan Williams had a total of sixalso had one assist and one steal, with three personal fouls and five rebounds.

Micah Jorgenson had a total of four points, with one 2-pt. bucket and one 3-pt. bucket. He also had one block, two fouls and two rebounds.

Caleb Schneider had a total of two points with one 2-pt. bucket. He also had three fouls and one rebound.