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More Big Government is movement to socialism

It's too bad Bob Saxon didn't walk among us tea partiers and find out that we weren't quite as fiscally confused as he assumes .

Our real problem isn't just Barack as you state, it's with his whole idea of government's role in our lives, his liberal followers and apparently you, Bob, that this great country needs to be rebuilt, from the bottom up. Most of us think this country has been just fine for 200-plus years and a model for other countries to look up to, perhaps Bob if you weren't so busy in trying to be like Europe, you would have noticed this. With revisionist history being taught in today's schools, I can see how you get a little confused.

Your civil rights aren't being assaulted. For someone who believes in big government you sure are paranoid. Trust me, no one is listening in on your phone conversations, nobody from the CIA is looking at your Yahoo account, and no one's going to torture you either. Now, if you're a terrorist, a little water over the head never hurt anyone if they might have information that the military can use. You act like a terrorist getting a wet face isn't a fair trade for not losing human life or having buildings blown up.

There are many problems with this new administration, but the protest of April 15 had to do with high taxes, and the stimulus package. Like I said, if you had walked with us, you would have found others like you who already have "voter remorse." It's a common affliction nowadays and has symptoms similar to "deranged George Bush syndrome." Some side affects are assuming all conservatives are redneck racists, that we are weak-minded Christians clinging bitterly to our guns and religion.

Now look back during the first seven years of the Bush administration and tell me things weren't so bad. Things only started to go south when you got your wish of a Democrat Congress over two years ago. Now you have the most liberal president ever who, in a bit over 100 days, has this country in a huge mess and can't use the "I inherited this" excuse anymore. If you missed that day in civics class that explains socialism, I suggest you go back and also have your teacher tell you the only "ism" that truly works is capitalism.

Jeffrey Lynn Schermerhorn