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Monster trucks cause technical issues at Sanford Center

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BEMIDJI – The Sanford Center won’t host another monster truck event during cold months until staff can find out how to better circulate air in the arena.  


That was the assessment of Curtis Webb, the facility’s executive director, during a Monday morning Sanford Center Advisory Board meeting.

He said the shows, which were held April 12-13, had to be stopped at least once to allow the air quality to return to normal. Webb added that the Sanford Center had a permit from the state to hold the show and were below carbon monoxide guidelines, but it was somewhat uncomfortable for spectators.

Webb said having monster truck shows in the winter complicates things, because circulating cold air can freeze pipes and cause other technical issues.

“If the weather’s warmer, we can do these types of events,” he said. “It’s no reason to risk people getting sick.” 

John Hageman
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