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Minorities and special interests flock to liberals

After reading the letter submitted by Bob Arnold on July 5, I must say he said it like it really is. Politicians like Skoe and Sailer don't seem to care about what the majority of their constituents think or say but merely what they can do to gain some votes.

The minorities and special interest groups are garnering most of the support in districts and counties where the liberal left politicians are occupying space and calling the shots. Minnesota used to be a prosperous state where most people worked and paid taxes but now we have grown to be somewhat of a welfare state where able-bodied people who could work simply choose not to and merely want to let somebody else do the providing for them.

I for one worked hard for what I have and I don't think what I and my family have should be redistributed to those who choose some alternate lifestyle other than providing for themselves. A democratic society should be one where the majority rules without stomping on people who have been less fortunate than they themselves.

There are many charities that can and will help those that truly need help but they should scrutinize those asking for help to ensure a true need for it. Some of our politicians around the state will give everything they can to certain groups of people merely to garner votes and say to heck with the rest of the voting public.

Politicians should be held accountable to their constituents instead of having it the other way around. Maybe it's time for the majority to start scrutinizing the politicians and the next time we pull the handle in the voting booth, simply ask ourselves are we getting what we are paying for.

Some of our career politicians have been in office so long that they have lost sight of what they were elected to do so perhaps it's time now for real change and not what is being forced upon us at the present time. God bless America.

George Hill